Monday, August 6, 2012

Wonderful weekend 4th August 2012

Last weekend 04.08.2012 KS and family went to Kuching to pay visit to granny & our family friends. Plan kami menyanak ngagai rumah ngabas orang tuai aja, but it turn out to be more than that.  Kami datai paginya terus ke rumah, then had lunch at home.  Udah nya tengah hari ngabas Sister Cathering Kayong who is not so well but thank God she's fined and able to sit and becherita with us. 

Maioh bala betemu enggau kami menyanak, though short visit tang meh chukup bermakna nunda ka jako orang bukai.  Betemu enggau bala kaban belayan.  Lets pictures speak for itself, see below.

KS and Mr & Mrs. Dr. Peter Kedit

Hubby & Dean of St.Thomas Cathedral, Father Micheal Buma

KS, mom-in-law and cousin Elizabeth and family

Meet with KS friend Ms Nancy of Sarawak CM office

Visit Sister Catherine Kayong at home and meet Sis Rose & Sis Linda both from Miri

KS and Sis Catherine uchu Emmanoel Radin
family dinner at Magenta - Old court house

entrance to the Magenta-it's a beautifully decorated.  nice place to dine..

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