Monday, April 2, 2012 March 2012

Bulan 3 bulan hari pengada ti pemadu maioh ba diary aku, semua sida ti ada ba bulan 3 tu endang bisi special place in my heart. Three out of 7 birthdays are celebrating their Golden Years of 50th birthday.  Two mid 40's, one 56th and last but not least one 65th birthday. Bisi sekeda nya begulai enggau aku maia hari pengada lalu bisi sekeda dalam prayer laban ti enda segulai tempat diau.  Thankyou Lord, for bringing this special people to me.  May you continues to bless them with good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

Happy to share some photos here.

May all your wish come true and God bless you with good health & happiness. Happy birthday dearest sis.

My other sister is celebrating her 50th Golden Years on 27th March 2012, but sadly, I'm not able to celebrate with her as she is far away from us.  God, may you shower your blessing to my lovely sister Indai Gal and Umang with good health and happiness.  Selamat Hari Pengada ngagai seduai menyadi.  Selamat gerai nyamai, gayu guru, lantang senang, betuah belimpah ari taun ti udah.

KS, Sis Martha & Sis Umang

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