Monday, April 2, 2012

Golden Birthday of a dear friend 31.03.2012

Life begins at 50's and be there in your evening dress and head band and men in tuxedo, that was her theme for the nite.  Indeed, it's a pleasant evening with 3 piece band rendering their 70's song.  Everyone looks so gorgeous and dancing the night away and some guest come all the way as far as Oman and KL.

Dearest Lord, May you shower her with more birthdays to come and continue to bless her with good health, happiness and prosperity. 

Sharing some pixs as below...........
so nice flowery dress that fits her well...gorgeous...

Angelina, KS and Iban recording artist Ms Diana Nini

ladies in action

KS, birthday girl and her best friend from Oman

pelukan manja dari seorang kawan baik Cikgu Sue

with her best friend Norina

Cikgu Sue, Mdm Buri and Chris..ayu and cantik eh!!

KS with Ms Tina from KL

Angelina and Wesley...macam pinang di belah dua...young couple

KS, birthday gal, Inik Wena, Inik Pippa and Ms Lita

Loving couple...birthday girl with beloved hubby

so lomantik...huh!!

you look wonderful tonight...keno Mr. Pangkas madah ngagai Mdm Bu

no loving...Mr & Mrs Engelbert

senyum simpul yang manis dari Cikgu Sue and her beloved hubby

speech from Mdm Norina...sigi landik bejako Inik Jaden tu...enda alah tunda leka jako ia...she is a good counsellor

speech from birthday girl

KS & hubby with birthday girl & hubby

sambil menyelam sambil minum air....KS bulih derma kilat for our New Church Bldg project from Madam Norina...thankyou sulu Norina, may Lord continue to bless you with more blessing.

no comment...ah gap magang...sida inik, indai and indu dara

Sigat Tuai....nyo lagu Cikgu Sue malam nya ngasoh ati sida ti lelaki tu terpindang....

future daughter in law of birthday girl and her son Alvin

May all your wish come true...

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