Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 08052011

It was a bright Sunday morning, heart fill with joy and happiness, then I said, thankyou Lord for this day that I still be able to see the wonderful creations of yours.  I went to church that morning together with my family, maia ba gerjia Sunday School kids bisi belagu lalu bisi macha POEMS keh bala indai.  Father Alfred nyembiang keh bala indai-indai ti bisi datai sembiang, enda berasai ai mata aku laboh leboh ngenang indai aku ti nadai di peda. Her sweet memories still linger in my mind, asai ti bisi didinga ia ngangau tang nadai di peda. Nya-alai ngagai kita bala pangan ti agi bisi indai, treasure every moment together with her, cos'one day when she is no longer with you, you have no regrets but your heart will be full with sweet memories. To my dearest're always on my mind and it will be forever. 

For me, like any other mothers....I was treated to breakfast prepare by my dearest Princess Beb.  Pulai ari gerija, terus ia ngagai dapur and served me with the sandwich ti di gaga ia empu.  I said thankyou are so sweet.  Then lunch we went out .....join other mothers at one of the hotel.

Thankyou so much for the wonderful day that you hath made....we will rejoice in it.


  1. Untung amai bisi nyepu Mother day cake. Ete as usual nyadi mama urti ja di rumah.

  2. As usual, KS endang ka pree maia mother day, kami duai anak daha lalu suping ba mua penyenguk (window shopping), sahari-ari...nyau pedis pah puas bejalai.