Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Awan Inspirasi Official Opening 01.11.11

Upon received invitations to the opening ceremony of new hangar of Awan Inspirasi Sdn Bhd, what a good feeling...rindu ati, feeling of appreciated by the group...and feeling of being known by the staff of AISB and  mixed feeling of not attending is there too...can't be avoided, cos for sure there will VIPssssssssssss being invited to officiate and furthermore our General Manager, my boss is there.  Malu lah...........tang udah berandau enggau bala pangan-colleagues aku, Opportunity only comes once knocking your there we goes...kami ti kin pun baka VIP nya meh...bisi driba mai kami sebuat.  Sekeda ari gambar ti bisi di ambi aku...peda kita ditu.

Behind us is S225...that chauffeur the staff to offshore locations

with other invitees from Petronas group

Words of wisdom from the Director of AISB - Datuk Sri Mahamad Fathail

Staff of AISB

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